Dr. Tarek Copty

dr tarek copty best plastic surgeon in jordan

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is about making people feel better about them selves. Whether it is being unhappy about the shape of your nose or feeling self conscious after pregnancy and breast feeding, this form of plastic surgery is dedicated to restore youth and confidence back into your life.

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that is dedicated to deliver to you the best and latest techniques in face-lifts, breast lifts and tummy tucks. Your best nose job will be done by a surgeon who has dedicated his surgical career to cosmetic surgery, as well as your best breast augmentation or mini-facelift.

I am privileged to be able to deliver such care. Surgical care and Anesthesia have come so far to make cosmetic surgery very safe, where most procedures are done as day cases and patients will sleep and recover at home.

Dr. Copty focused on plastic surgery during his general surgery training and decided to go further into training to achieve one of the very few positions as a cosmetic surgery fellow. During residency training Dr. Copty was nominated and awarded several awards for teaching and guiding students into the art of medicine and surgery.

Dr. Copty completed six years of medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. After his medical degree, Dr. Copty completed a year of internship at Beaumont Hospital, one of the leading university hospitals in Ireland and worked very closely with prominent plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

After 13 years of education and training, Dr. Copty returns to Jordan with the latest and minimally invasive techniques in cosmetic surgery. Copty Surgical Arts will serve its patients with a broad scope of general cosmetic surgery and again making Amman one of the top sites in the middle-east to achieve the best medical and surgical care in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Dr. Copty completed his cosmetic surgery fellowship at one of the most advanced and busiest cosmetic surgery centers in the USA under the supervision and mentorship of the president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery; who is one of the most influential and prominent cosmetic surgeons in the world. During his cosmetic surgery fellowship, Dr. Copty performed over 1,300 surgical procedures using the best techniques in the new sub-specialty cosmetic surgery.

During his fellowship, Dr. Copty served as faculty in multiple live surgery workshops where he lectured and operated to teach surgeons from around the world the current state of the art techniques in cosmetic surgery.

To Complete his Plastic Surgery training, Dr. Copty worked at the Royal Medical Services Hospital in Jordan doing mostly reconstructive surgery while practicing his passion in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Copty completed five years of general surgery training in Philadelphia at the Drexel University College of Medicine Program. General Surgery training involves five years of extensive surgical experience that involves the entire body and most surgical specialties. During five years of residency, Dr. Copty performed over 1200 surgeries many of which involved plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as abdominal, vascular and breast cancer surgery.

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